Cha Tra Mue Singapore


Thai Tea is fondly called by tea lovers in Thailand as “cha yen”. Cha Tra Mue is old tea company that produces thai tea mixed since 1945, selling to business and household consumer. In recent years, Cha Tra Mue brand has setup own tea shops in Bangkok to serve our own brand tea in Bangkok and Chiangrai. The Brand was then expanded our outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, China and Korea.

To ensure the unique aroma of our products, quality ingredients are selected and are blended to a precise ratio perfect for making Thai iced tea, Thai black tea, Thai milk green tea, Thai iced lemon tea or bubble tea.

Simply ask any hawker in Bangkok street, Cha Tra Mue Brand is truly the only authentic choice. We are proud to bring in this heavenly taste product into Singapore for you.


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