The Original Thai Tea



Cha Tra Mue or Number One Brand began with a tea shop more than 100 years ago in southern China. Affected by war, the family migrated to Thailand and continued the tea business they were specialized in.However, the shop had been destroyed during World War II. The business was restarted in 1945 and was regarded as the year of establishment.

To suit the majority of Thais’ taste, Cha Yen or Thai Iced Tea under Cha Tra Mue brand was originated and gradually developed using finest grade of quality tea from the northern part of Thailand.With its unique superior flavor,  superb aroma and refreshing taste, this Thai tea is passed on from generation to generation and has earned its widespread popularity in Thailand and around the world. Backed by years of experiences in the art of tea blending, you will enjoy the delightful taste of this original Thai Tea.

From the original Cha yen, now we have expanded to varieties of selected products including Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Thai coffee and instant tea etc.

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